FAmily, 1-5 years

Class Length: 45 minutes, once a week, with caregiver

Unit Theme

Summer: Beach Days



Pay in full: 

2 installments of $78

Joining us after the start of a unit?
We'll gladly prorate you!


Make Up Policy

Unlimited makeups anytime, as long as you are currently enrolled

Worry Free Enrollment

Our wish for you is a happy, "I want to tell the world" experience. If it's not what you dreamed of, we'll press the button and refund your tuition. 

Summer Time is Family Time. Our mixed-age classes are perfect for you whether you are enrolling one child, or three! Each Kindermusik Family Class is a happy shared experience full of singing, moving, cuddling, family jams, and more.  You’ll love the time to explore, discover, share, make friends, and just be together as you learn and play together.  From newborn to Grandpa and everyone in between, there’s room in a Kindermusik family class for everyone!
In a multi-age class, we accommodate all levels of learning and musical interest with tips and ideas that allow you to customize the experience for each of your children.  A family class opens the door for learning and music-making in new ways that are possible only in a mixed-age environment.

Parents love the At Home Materials: Receive a CD of class music, beautiful book, and child-safe instrument, designed with you and your child in mind!

Kindermusik is hands down the most fun kids class we have ever done and my kids get the most out of it. Musical awareness, social skills, lots of basic preschool skills and did I mention FUN!
— Rachel K.

What You'll Experience in SummerMusik Family 1-5 Years

Enjoy Learning Together and Learning From One Another

Kindermusik Family Music Class - siblings riding together
  • Language Development – Opportunities for making conversation, playing with words, and modeling good communication skills abound in a class where discovery and exploration is encouraged and fostered.  
  • Vocal Development – Singing in the appropriate vocal range means that toddlers and preschoolers begin to explore their voices and emerging pitch accuracy. Singing develops memory and recall, lung and cardiovascular strength, as well as creativity, and socialization. Simply hearing those voices also helps a baby develop her own vocal skills.
  • Cognitive Development – A multi-age classroom means a multi-layered learning environment where children can learn from their peers, from the older children in the class, from your Kindermusik teacher, from other parents in the class, and from you.
  • Gross Motor Skills – We’ll help you find “so many ways” to move with your children, from bouncing the little ones to skipping with the older ones to playing with hoops and scarves.  And each family member benefits from having his or her sense of balance strengthened as you rock and dance together.
  • Fine Motor Skills – During our family jam, everyone grabs an instrument and plays along.  We’ll make sure to have age-appropriate instruments that will help develop those fine motor skills, no matter what your experience or ability level.
  • Social Emotional Development – Self-confidence, positive self-esteem, and emotional health are rooted in the happy memories of shared childhood experiences.  We promise lots of happy moments, smiles, and hugs in our Kindermusik family classes!
  • Musical Development – Every element of music is found in a Kindermusik family class, from singing to dancing to listening to playing instruments.  You and your children will develop a greater sense of rhythm and joy in singing.  There’s nothing quite like making music together as a family in Kindermusik.

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