Why Should I Choose Kindermusik For My Child?

Research shows that early exposure to music is critical to your child's total development and can make a significant impact on lifelong learning. We continually develop and enhance our music and movement curricula by incorporating the latest early childhood development research showing that active participation in a music program is a powerful stimulant for a child's total human development. You and your child will love singing, playing instruments, dancing, exploring literature and learning to listen in an active, intent way. Parents love that we educate them as to why we do an activity and how it benefits your little one.

What should I bring to class?

Bring your smile, your voice, and your eagerness to watch and learn. Shoes will be left outside the classroom door. Babies can be nursed or bottle-fed in class, but we ask that other food and drink not come in the classroom. Baby blankets can be used for our littlest learners and we ask that all bags be put up off the floor.

I think I am learning as much as my kids do. I very much value the teacher/parent interaction, explanation, and instruction both for in class and at home. Kindermusik is such a well rounded experience, I don’t know that you can have such an all encompassing experience in any other program.
— Katrina S.

What are the At Home Materials?

Unlike most other music programs for young children, Kindermusik is designed as an every day musical experience. That's why Kindermusik puts so much energy into creating CDs, books, instruments, and activities for At Home use. All enrollments come with At Home Materials. These materials are purposefully incorporated to provide the most complete and the best possible musical learning experience available for the entire family. Your Kindermusik At Home Materials are just the tools you need to continue that one-of-a-kind Kindermusik experience together as a family throughout the week.

What if I miss a class?

To make is easy for you to get all your classes in, we offer unlimited makeups while you are currently enrolled. Just fill out our make up request form and let us know the date, location, class level, day and time that you would like to attend a make up class and we’ll arrange it for you. You can even attend a make up class and "bank one" before you know you will miss, as long as you are currently enrolled.

What if my child is not participating in class?

Each child has his own unique learning style. We encourage you to allow your child to learn in his own way, which may be different from your learning style. The mover needs to explore the room, the observer needs to sit back and watch, and the listener needs to not have distractions close by. Allowing your child the "space" to learn in his own unique way will help his comfort level in class. When the comfort level rises, the brain opens up for optimal learning. Usually around the 6th week of class, the "magic" starts to happen and you may notice more active participation. 

Can I join after classes have started?

Our classes are structured so that your child feels comfortable joining in at any time during the year. We will prorate your tuition if entering after the start of a session. 

Are Kindermusik classes beneficial for children with special needs?

We are fortunate to have a music therapist to consult with, and a speech pathologist on our staff. Every year we have the most beautiful children with special needs participate in our classes. Not only do these families find our classes therapeutic, they are rewarded with special memories of their child being included in a group activity, in a fun, collaborative atmosphere.

Because Kindermusik includes parents in all of the activities for the younger children and a careful selection of the activities for older children, in a planned and developmentally appropriate manner, the support for the child with special needs is inherent. The flexibility and individualization in the curricula and each of the activities allow the educator and the parent to collaborate to provide the child with special needs with just the right support to be a successful part of the group.
— Melissa R. Johnson, PhD. Pediatric Psychologist

What is your inclement weather policy?

If “the weather outside is frightful”, classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather if the school district your studio resides in is cancelled due to weather only. We do hold classes if school is not in session due to teacher meetings, etc. We will do our best to make up the cancelled class, but cannot guarantee we will be able to add it on to the end of the session. In this case we encourage you to do an extra make up class when it is convenient for you.

Can I bring a sibling to class?

In a baby or young toddler class, our main concern is your baby's safety. It is preferred that older siblings do not attend. We know that once in a while you may need to bring an older sibling who does not have school that day. Just email us and let us know you will be bringing your older child to play with us this special time. Please use your best judgment in realizing if your older sibling may be disruptive to the class. In that case, you may choose to not attend class that day and make it up another time when you can just bring the baby. In a toddler class, younger siblings may come to class and sit safely in a car seat free of charge. Once the baby is mobile and we mutually determine that the baby will be safe in the toddler class, we charge you 1/2 tuition for the mobile baby. All siblings are welcome to attend the Family Sharing Time during the last 10 minutes of an Imagine That (preschool age) or Young Child class (5 - 7 yrs).