Infants - 1.5 yrs.

Class Length: 45 minutes, once a week, with caregiver

Sep 11 - Jan 20
Jan 22 - May 19

Sept - Nov: "Feathers"
Nov - Jan: "Do Si Do"
Jan - Mar: "Cocka Doodle Moo"
Mar - May: "Dew Drops"
Summer: "Peek a Boo, I Love You"



$68 Materials Deposit.

$256 Tuition Pay in Full (save $16)
Four installments of $68.

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Make Up Policy

Unlimited makeups anytime, as long as you are currently enrolled.

Worry Free Enrollment

Our wish for you is a happy, "I want to tell the world" experience. If it's not what you dreamed of, we'll press the button and refund your tuition. 

Music is one of your baby's favorite things - and research shows that it's one of the best things for your baby's developing mind. Your baby's brain is filled with literally billions of neurons - all just waiting to be connected through sensory stimulation. And that's exactly what a Foundations class offers: a sensory rich environment, complete with music, movement, and baby-style fun that is sure to create and strengthen your baby's neural pathways. Each Kindermusik class touches on a multitude of learning domains, creates special "I Love You" Rituals, and lays the groundwork for a lifelong love of music.

Our families love the At Home Materials! Receive a CD of class music, beautiful themed board book, and baby-safe instrument each 8-week session 

You won't miss a beat! We're parents too, and we know you may not make it to class one week. No worries about getting all your classes in - we offer unlimited makeups anytime, as long as you are currently enrolled. 

We love Kindermusik because it strengthens our bond by carving out special one on one time.
— Emily S.

Watch the video below and you'll see why music is one of your baby's favorite things. 

What You'll Experience in Kindermusik Foundations 0 - 1.5 yrs.

Nurturing Baby's Growth and Development - Young babies are responsive and receptive learners. With a special grownup there to nurture and engage your child, Foundations gives your little one the perfect musical and developmental head start.

Kindermusik Baby Music Class - boy lifted up high
  • Language and Vocal Development - Research shows that music enhances language development. Our specially designed activities will nurture your baby's emerging language skills. 
  • Brain Development - Your baby is learning through moving, and being moved, through space. With every movement, your baby's brain synapses - the connections between neurons - are being created and strengthened. 
  • Large Muscle Skills - One thing will naturally lead to the next as you expand your baby's movement repertoire through music activities that support all kinds of creative movement. 
  • Small Muscle Skills - From discovering his/her hands to learning what his/her hands can do, your baby will thrive on playful activities that give him/her practice in visually following objects, reaching for and grasping an object, releasing an object, and transferring an object from hand to hand.
  • Social-Emotional Development - Kindermusik activities help you build and strengthen your relationship with your baby. SIde-by-side play, and group dance activities with other adults and babies in class, provide the important benefits of safe and loving early interactions with the wider social world.
  • Musical Development - Together you'll explore simple, baby-safe percussion instruments. Throughout hundreds of different Kindermusik music and movement activities, you'll be giving your baby an early introduction to the songs, sounds, rhythms, and tempos of music from around the world.
  • Tools and Inspiration for Home - With professionally recorded CDs, and carefully designed books and instruments you'll be able to bring the learning home with you and expand upon all the valuable learning that's happening in class.

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